Improv for Design Thinkers by The Improv Company



Learn how the techniques, behaviours and mindsets of an Improviser can help you become a better Design Thinker.

Design Thinking is a creative problem solving method and mindset. It’s human-centered, iterative, and collaborative. The methodology leads you to compelling solutions for an undefined and unstructured world.

Improv is short for ‘improvised theatre’. Unlike traditional, scripted theatre, scripts are not memorised or plays rehearsed; instead, the audience’s input is relied on to inspire stories & sketches. The plot, characters & dialogue of the scenes created are made up in the moment. Nothing exists until it’s made real.

Improv and Design Thinking are complementary ways of thinking to help you move forward. They both place humans at the centre, whether through empathetic user research or telling stories that matter.


3 Hours

Interactive Workshop (20% lecture, 80% activities)

$50 / pax (20 participants)

NOTE: This is NOT an introduction to Design Thinking methods or tools, it’s a session on how we can use Improv techniques to increase effectiveness of what you already know!

  • A VERY brief intro Design Thinking

    • Why Design Thinking?

    • Principles of Design Thinking

  • What is improv?

    • The improviser way

    • Key improv mindsets and behaviors

  • Empathy and Context

    • How to better understand and relate to people

    • How to identify and articulate user needs

  • Supercharge the Ideation process

    • Methods for divergent thinking

    • Develop ideas using improvisation techniques

  • Q&A

    • Open Discussion


Anh HAN - https://sg.linkedin.com/in/anhhan

Anh aims to design a better world by exploring the intersection of culture, technology and business.

Trained as a Mechanical Engineer, a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) and now a Design Thinker, Anh has almost 10 years professional experience in connecting the dots and making things happen.

An advocate of human centred design, Anh's key areas of expertise lie in framing complex problems, conceptualising simple solutions and driving multi disciplined delivery teams to success.

The Improv Company - http://www.improv.sg

The Improv Company is a homegrown improvised theatre company dedicated to performing, popularizing and teaching high-quality, instantly accessible improvised theatre. They provide the budding local improv community with the spaces and platforms to practice and perfect their art and hope to see the improv scene flourish in Singapore.

Sat Aug 13, 2016
10:00 AM - 1:00 PM SGT
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62B South Bridge Road
Standard SOLD OUT $50.00
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62B South Bridge Road, Singapore Singapore
The Improv Company